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Diane Shipley

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Writer covering pop culture, health, and tech. Bylines: The Guardian, Washington Post, Glamour, Mental Health Today, and more. dianeshipleyworks@gmail.com

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Guardian tech bros article
The Guardian

Down with tech bros! It's time for TV's female nerd revolution

It seems there’s an endless appetite for man-boys working in technology: before Loaded, there was Silicon Valley, Amazon’s Betas, The IT Crowd and what was that other thing …? Oh yes. Reality.

Gdn condensed article
The Guardian

Condensed, or just dense? The apps that turn books into 15-minute reads

We have to get over the idea that spending hours in a mahogany chair, frowning over a leather-bound volume from 1623 is the best way to absorb information. And let’s be honest: some authors waffle on.

Screenshot %283%29 article
The Guardian

Picture this: Joe Wicks and his Instagram peers are strengthening publishing

Print sales rose 7% in 2016, in large part thanks to Wicks (with a little help from JK Rowling and colouring books for adults).

Guardian carrie article
The Guardian

Star writer: Carrie Fisher shines brightest in her books

Fisher’s humour isn’t an attempt to avoid sadness, but to convey it in a way people will find palatable. Her characters live by Fisher’s own edict: “If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that’s unacceptable.”

Screenshot %282%29 article
The Guardian

Lady Dynamite: Maria Bamford's Netflix comedy should be a blast

While her comedy is sharp, she often delivers it in a chipper tone, more wry than ranting. (“L’Oreal. Because I am worth it. And because holding myself to an impossible standard of beauty keeps me from starting a riot.”)

Diane shipley with her gr 010 article
The Guardian

My Wimbledon Gran slam win

Growing up, I used to roll my eyes while watching the tennis with my grandmother. But when I turned 13, Wimbledon became our thing.

Gdn bore article
The Guardian

How to handle the office diet bore | Women in Leadership

While chatting about counting calories seems benign to some people, it creates a hostile workplace for others.

Eleanor catton 010 article
The Guardian

Lilit Marcus only read books by women last year. Would you follow suit?

With books coverage skewed in favour of men, female authors are often overlooked. Should we change our reading habits?

A goat 008 article
The Guardian

No thank you, I don't want a goat for Christmas

You might be thinking, is Christmas really the time to be churlish? Is there any point in quibbling when the end results are so spectacular, raking in millions for charity every year? To which I say: absolutely.

Patricia highsmith 011 article
The Guardian

Patricia Highsmith's criminal neglect

Film adaptations mean she's not unknown, but her tense and unsettling thrillers deserve a much wider readership.

Keypad460 article
The Guardian

Sites for sore eyes

Companies need to take into account blind and partially-sighted people when developing new technology.

Gdn form article
The Guardian

Very bad form

While universities claim to encourage applicants from different backgrounds, the Ucas form fails to allow for diversity.

A woman in a restaurant 009 article
The Guardian

What's so wrong with eating alone?

I'd rather see a website that challenges sexist stereotypes than one that suggests the way to combat them is to never eat alone while female.